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The Kombuys

Rules for users

  • The Kombuys is open when the harbour office is open. Those who want to stay beyond these opening hours can ask the harbour master for the key.
  • Transients are welcome, but can only use the Kombuys when there is a permanent berth holder present.
  • The Kombuys’ facilities are for general use. Please exercise due care in using these facilities. In the event of damage, please leave a note and notify the harbour master.
  • The pantry contains:
    • 2 barbecues
    • glasses
    • coffee/tea mugs
    • plates
    • some cutlery
    • various openers
    • chopping boards
    • a range of cleaning products, cloths, brushes
    • electric kettle
  • Users can make coffee and tea themselves using the available machines and accessories.
  • There are canned beverages in the fridge.
  • Please pay for all food and drinks with exact change, as per the price list. The till is incorporated into the bar, to the left of the sink. Better to pay too much than pay ‘tomorrow’. Prices are at cost with a small mark-up for cleaning, maintenance and depreciation.
  • Users are free to take their own drinks and meals into the ‘Kombuys’ and consume these there.
  • When using a barbecue, please first line the tray with aluminium foil. You will have to bring your own lighting cubes and briquettes. Needless to say, never use the barbecue indoors!
  • Please leave the place tidier than how you found it! If there are any problems, do not hesitate to ask the harbour master for help.