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Harbour Regulations

Needless to say, there are harbour regulations governing usage of the Buysheng-car-park-regulations.pdfaven Marina. And there are also rules for use of the car park and the Kombuys.
The Buyshaven Marina is owned by the Royal Netherlands Yacht Club (Koninklijke Nederlansche Zeil- & Roeivereeniging). This club was founded in 1847 and sets great store by tradition. Flag etiquette is one tradition that the club wants to uphold. Users are therefore kindly asked not to fly their national flag at night and to lower the flag before sundown.
Alongside the rules as specified by harbour regulations, the Buyshaven Marina has one general rule:
Be considerate of others: let everyone have their peace, space, and enjoyment!
Download the Buyshaven Harbour Regulations here.